ADOPT A HIGHWAY is a project of adopting homeless animals on the highways on every special events of a single person who wish to enjoy his/her joyful moments with real careless animals on the highways. Through this project we hope to reach people on behalf of homeless / needy animals on outskirts.

When you hear the word homeless, the first thought that comes to mind is probably that of an unbathed, undereducated, alcoholic, toothless man begging for change on the roadside. In fact, homelessness brings about a barrage of unspeakable thoughts and attitudes that most people just avoid altogether. What about the animals? Could they possibly be the second thought you have in mind after the poor man on the roadside? YES, we had and that is the reason of our project launch on 27th Feb 2011.


Many animals are being abandoned on highways for several reasons. Especially, dogs, cats and cows. Many families and individuals often are forced to relinquish their pets to animal shelters because of a landlord’s lease terms, non availability of transportation facilities to outstations, immigration to foreign countries, owner’s health deficiency and for many more reasons. Public should be educated about the rights and laws of animals.

Many days and nights went off about thinking how to end animal homelessness. It is a repetitive question with great solutions, but less actions stemming from those solutions. A few ways to help end animal homelessness are as follows.

Landlord Acceptance:::

Landlords should be more considerate of the lives they are ending in hopes of keeping a wall or cabinet looking new. Isn't the cost of repairs what the security deposit supposed to cover? Even tenants, for the most part, will fork out the cash for repairs caused by pets, but most landlords still won't budge.

If more landlords would be willing to accept a tenant with pets, a nice sized dent in the animal homelessness population would surface brilliantly. Taking time to consider a "pet policy" in the lease agreement, which tenants must adhere to, could benefit not only the lives of animals, but the lives of animal owners as well. If it is within our constitutional rights to bear arms (which cause more deaths, injuries, and tragedies than pets) we should surely have the right to own pets.


Educating Landlords and Public to take proper pet care for their pets while shifting their rental house. Tenants should be kind enough to find a home where the landlords accept pets. Landlords should be considerate to accept human tenants along with non-human tenants.

Spay and Neuter:::

It's a timeless, valuable, and crucial part of ending animal homelessness. People have become so conditioned to believe that they need to consistently breed their pets to produce quality standard breed specifications, but that's just not true. Breeding causes an up-rise in the specific breeds population which will lead to many unwanted, abused, neglected, and homeless animals than is imaginable.


The cost of spaying and neutering is also a factor in the determination of animal homelessness and so; we do it for FREE OF COST for all the homeless animals on the highways. This settlement creates a chain-reaction of unwanted puppies being born, animals being abused and neglected, shelters become overcrowded, and many of the animals end up becoming homeless.

Who We Are?:::

In the fantasy world, people of today have become money-hungry and only look to line their own pockets as opposed to doing something of the greater good for others. Maybe future generations can bring this fantasy into reality in the near future and we, SCAN FOUNDATION would like to be the lead generation to all youngsters.

Every Staffs and Volunteers of SCAN FOUNDATION have decided to celebrate all their auspicious days with homeless animals on the highways. Each staff and volunteers are allowed to enjoy their special days with the homeless animals highways in Chennai City, to their preference. Any assistance from SCAN FOUNDATION is required for the sponsors to conduct the program the organization is obliged to do the same to our staffs and volunteers.

How Does It Work?:::

Any staff or volunteer or any animal lover from any part would like to celebrate their special days with SCAN FOUNDATION along with homeless animals; the sponsor is advised to purchase vaccine, food, water and de-worming tablets for homeless animals on the highways. The rally starts from a particular area preferred by sponsor and ends at the selected area covering approximately 60 – 100kms. During our travel each and every homeless animals will be fed with water and de-worming tablets. With the help of our Vets, every dog will be vaccinated. Brochures and advices will be given to all house owners, shop owners and public to live with animals in harmony. Any injured animals either homeless or owner pets in remote area without veterinary or medical facility, those animals are also treated for free of cost. Periodical follow-up is advised to the owners.

Volunteers Safety:::

The safety of Adopt a highway volunteers is paramount. A set of detailed and very specific safety guidelines has been developed and must be reviewed prior to the start of any adopt a highway activity.

We provide financial assistance / vet services for the medical care of pets whose owners are unable to afford the expense.

Benefits to Animals:::


Benefits to Public:::


How to join the ADOPT -A- HIGHWAY Program:::

NO ADMISSION FEE. Whoever wish to share their time, money, love and care with homeless animals can join the ADOPT – A-- HIGHWAY Program.

Short Term Plan:::

Educate people about responsible pet ownership, proper pet care, and the unique needs of animals through “Adopt A Highway” Awareness program.

Encourage people to spay or neuter their pets to help control the overpopulation of animals.

Excite potential pet owners about the joy of adopting a pet and providing a loving home for a homeless animal

Educating people about Animal Welfare Organizations in Tamil Nadu, their contribution, programs, plans for the Animal Welfare.

Educating about Rules, Rights and Law of Animals.

Future Plans:::

• Announce C ******** Distemper free zones

• Announce Rabies free zone

• Announce Eco-friendly zone

What training is required for Adopt a Highway Program Volunteers? :::

Volunteer of SCAN FOUNDATION will be given training to socialize and train the dogs, provide socialization to the cats and kittens through gentle handling, bathe the many animals rescued from a filthy life on the streets and comfort the sick, orphaned animals. By performing these tasks, the teens are learning professional skills and responsibility. Internships are provided for some of the youth interested in pursuing a career with animals.

Who may join Adopt a Highway Program? :::

Any true animal lovers, long-term supporters and any Animal Welfare Organisations can join in our Adopt A Highway Program.


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