Ways Volunteers Help:

What you can do to help:

There are many things you can do. The first thing we ask is that you send us your details support our cause to end cruelty to animals and feeding for homeless animals.
By doing this you will be joining a dedicated group of animal lovers who are determined to see an end to animal cruelty. Your help make us stronger because the more supporters we have, the louder our voice.
We will keep you informed as to how our campaigns are doing and how your support is helping improve animals' lives.
SCAN FOUNDATION simply could not survive without the help of dedicated, caring animal lovers just like you who generously volunteer each week.

Humane Education:

SCAN FOUNDATION believes that learning how to be a responsible pet owner and a friend to animals begins at an early age. Humane education is about learning to respect and care for the animals in our environment, communities and homes. The program visits schools, gives tours of the shelter to school and youth groups and creates educational materials.
We work hard to provide housing and medical attention to these homeless and physically challenged animals and place them in loving homes.

Administrative Project Specialist:

Everyday, we have lots of administrative tasks that our staff simply can't get to; each vitally important to the achievement of our goal of saving more lives. Put your skills to work saving animals.

Corporate Support/Team Project Member: ::: Employees from local companies give their time throughout the year for one-day projects that enhance the quality of life for our homeless animals.
Special Events/Fundraisers:

Because we receive no government funding, and precious little individual support, we rely almost exclusively on individual donations and special events to support our lifesaving work. Volunteers aid our essential fundraising activities immensely. Our events and even office work are always fun for everyone involved!
Off-Premises Projects:

Members of churches, temples, scout troops, and other organizations frequently hold towel and blanket drives and special fundraisers (book sales, car washes, etc.) in support of the furry friends. Perhaps your organization would like to contribute to saving lives this way.

Form an Animal Rights Club:

One of the best ways to educate students about animal issues and inspire them to get involved is to start a school club in which you can discuss animal rights issues, educate other students and teachers about animal rights, and take action to help animals.

Implement Meat-Free DAY at Your School / College/ Organization:

All we ask is that you provide vegetarian and vegan meal options every day and eliminate meat from cafeteria meals on meat free day.

Spread the Word!

One of the best ways to help is to encourage others to learn more and to get active. Please recommend www.voiceforanimals.info to your friends and family. Help raise awareness of animal rights through tabling, leafleting, and other grassroots outreach efforts.

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